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Things to Do in Manitoba

5 Ways to Actually Unplug

We've all heard the famous quote by Anne Lamott: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” But it's TRUE! In today's digitized world, our phones and other electronics have become an extension of ourselves. It's become second nature to surf between social networking apps, work emails, sending off text messages, and avoiding actual phone calls (because, who answers their phone these days, right?). We multitask without even realizing we're doing it, all while juggling our daily in-real-life responsibilities.

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An Amazing Wintertime Adventure

This was such an amazing adventure with Julie...Tallpine Lodges, thank you! I know what you may be thinking...where are Bethany, Bella, Lucas, Alex, Riley, Scout? Well, Tallpine Lodges is a kick-ass, adult- only, no-pet escape into the Manitoba wilderness. We did miss them, but made it through together just fine! From Winnipeg, you drive approx 1.5 hours to West Hawk Lake where TJ and Sacha have made a perfect cozy little thing next to the lake. Thank you again.