Safe Travel and Natural Social Distancing at Tallpine Lodges

Photo of a Couple Hiking. Safe Travel Exists at Tallpine!

While much of the world remains in a standstill, life in the Canadian wilderness remains as alluring and beneficial as ever. For those who frequent bustling restaurants, breweries, and music venues, practicing social distancing is a tall mountain to climb. However, it’s imperative—now more than ever—to escape the city, get in touch with nature, and return home truly reinvigorated. Because of nationwide bans on varying degrees of travel, Manitobans and Ontarians have been seeking brief, albeit necessary, refuge here at peaceful Tallpine Lodges. Not only does our isolated, adult-only haven promote safe travel, but each visitor can naturally practice social distancing.

10 Ways to Practice Social Distancing at Tallpine Lodges

Safe travel takes hours of planning and, eventually, execution. Following the preventative coronavirus measures outlined by Canada’s Public Health Agency takes a little practice, but isolation is our forte at this undeniably romantic West Hawk Lake resort. And thanks to a mild winter, where we endured an incredibly small amount of snow, spring is already in the air! To ensure that your well-deserved escape into the vast Manitoba wilderness is nothing short of invigorating, liberating, and relaxing, we’ve compiled 10 unique ways to practice social distancing at Tallpine Lodges.

  1. Hike into the wild to discover a new meaning to the word tranquillity.
  2. Photo of a Woman Canoeing. Safe Travel Exists at Tallpine!Mingle with our heartwarmingly curious deer.
  3. Prepare a home-cooked meal inside your fully-furnished kitchen. Perhaps a “Chopped” cooking challenge is in the cards?
  4. Play your favourite board and card games. Make things interesting by throwing some money down or crafting prizes for the winner. Bring your own games, or utilize our sizable stash.
  5. Arrange a movie marathon with popcorn, candy, and sugary soda. We have a towering collection of DVDs if you forget your Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Back to the Future, or Dark Knight trilogy.
  6. Read a book…or, perhaps, finish writing that novel you started long ago.
  7. Paddle onto serene West Hawk Lake inside one of our complimentary canoe rentals. There are 16.2 square kilometres of beauty to explore, as well as 12 islands.
  8. Try birdwatching: Thrushes, flycatchers, nutcrackers, and grouse frequent these woodlands.
  9. Cross off as many of these date ideas as possible.
  10. Practice stress-free (and safe) travel.

Safe Travel to West Hawk Lake

Now that you have 10 unique springtime activity ideas in your back pocket, it’s time to start planning your trip to Tallpine Lodges, one of the most secluded romantic getaways in Canada. Head on over to Whiteshell Provincial Park, where thoughts of the coronavirus naturally drift away like the decaying, wind-swept leaves from a Manitoba maple tree. To learn more about our advanced disinfecting implementations, isolated West Hawk Lake cabin rentals, and complimentary “toys,” please give us a call today at 866-349-2209. We cannot wait to see all your smiling faces (at a distance) this April and May!