25 Romantic (and Adventurous) Date Ideas

Photo of a Couple Berry Picking, One of Our Favorite Date Ideas

There’s never an offseason for love. Nor is there a wrong time to escape the city for a well-deserved, long-overdue getaway with your partner. Whether you’ve been married for 30 years or you’re still basking in the honeymoon phase, there’s just something genuinely invigorating and tantalizing about a weekend getaway in a log cabin. Tallpine Lodges is owned and operated by a husband and wife duo that knows a thing or two about romance. Everything from the rustic yet undeniably alluring Whiteshell cabin rentals to the surrounding natural beauty screams romance, relaxation, and adventure. Below, you’ll find 25 unique couples date ideas that you can try during an upcoming stay at Tallpine. We remain one of the only adult-only resorts in the region. Oh, and we’re miles upon miles away from busy streets, deafening airstrips, and bustling workplaces.

Only at Tallpine: 25 Tantalizing Date Ideas

Each of these 25 tried-and-true date ideas is well within the realm of possibility here at Tallpine Lodges. Thanks to our spacious acreage, fully-equipped cabins, and complimentary toys, you’ll barely have to move a muscle to give one of these activities a try. Unlike most at-home date ideas, several of these pursuits require a longing for the outdoors.

  1. Photo of a Family of Deer. Date Ideas Have Never Been Easier!Re-enact your first date.
  2. Try wave running.
  3. Craft brew flight night, featuring four to six different beers from Barn Hammer, Torque Brewing, Half Pints, and the like.
  4. Photograph the region’s wildlife. Deer, foxes, and a variety of birds call this land their home.
  5. Bad movie night, featuring The Wicker Man, The Room, or The Fog.
  6. Spa day: Utilize your private sauna and Jacuzzi tub as well as our heated pool. Then give each other a 15 or 20-minute massage to enhance the experience.
  7. Paddle out onto West Hawk Lake using a complimentary canoe.
  8. Pick vegetables and berries at T&T.
  9. Paint a portrait of each other (materials needed).
  10. Compete in a “Chopped” cooking challenge.
  11. Go alpine skiing at Falcon Ridge or Nordic skiing in Whiteshell Provincial Park.
  12. Build your own wine and cheese tasting.
  13. Completely unplug for a day. No technology allowed!
  14. Hike ‘til you drop.
  15. Create a joint bucket list.
  16. Hit the golf range at Falcon Lake.
  17. Photo of a Couple By a Campfire, One of the Best Date Ideas.Build your own ice cream sundae.
  18. Try forest bathing.
  19. Stargaze by the campfire.
  20. Explore Whiteshell Provincial Park during autumn’s peak.
  21. Go horseback riding at Falcon Beach Ranch.
  22. Go for a dip in West Hawk Lake after dark.
  23. Start and finish a puzzle.
  24. Try a new restaurant (Nite Hawk Cafe and Hi-Point Restaurant and Lounge are just down the road).
  25. Go sledding.

Romantic West Hawk Lake Cabin Rentals

Hopefully, these 25 date ideas give you a proper taste of what we can offer here at Tallpine Lodges. Very few couples resorts (or romantic retreats for that matter) can match our seclusion, hospitality, and free, on-site amenities. We pride ourselves in being a four-season destination—we welcome almost just as many guests in winter as we do during the summer months. Everyone needs an extended break from the stresses of city life, regardless of the season. Give us a call today at 866-349-2209 to book (or check availability online).