10 Stress-Free Travel Tips to Try This Fall

stress-free travel

While it seems nonsensical to stress during a vacation, most of us are guilty of overtly worrying about work, money, and air travel when we’re supposed to be relaxing, unwinding, and rejuvenating. Stress-free travel is tough to come by nowadays, mainly because of rising hotel costs, airport delays, and long car rides. Recent studies indicate that over 60 percent of us feel anxious while on vacation and often return home feeling unsatisfied, tired, and behind at work. It’s important to know your own pressure points, such as crowds, long lines, and overpriced menus, before planning a stress-free vacation.

The Top 10 Stress-Free Travel Tips

As one of the only adult-only resorts in Manitoba, we’ve welcomed thousands of couples and singles who are searching for a quiet, calming, and naturally beautiful haven. We’ve seen all sorts of stress-free vacation ideas backfire over the years, but we’ve also witnessed many travelers take full advantage of the restorative powers of this tranquil land. So, without further ado, here are ten stress-free travel tips that you can try this fall during your well-deserved escape to our rustic, unquestionably romantic West Hawk Lake resort.

1. Pack Light

For whatever reason, we typically overpack to the nth degree before leaving the house. Leave that fifth, sixth, and seventh outfit at home this time around. Oh, and just bring the essentials—everything else is added weight.

2. Create a Detailed Itinerary

Remember to research the area for several hours before hopping in your vehicle. You can cut that time in half by reading up about our many on and off-site amenities and activities. An itinerary helps create a sense of harmony while simultaneously providing the possibility of spontaneity.

3. Drive, Don’t Fly

Yes, an occasional flight to some faraway land can be quite fantastic, but a short car ride saves bundles while also relieving a hefty portion of travel stress. Skip the long lines, flight delays, earaches, and massive dollar signs this fall.

4. Wear Comfy Clothes

stress-free travel

Comfy clothes differ from person-to-person. As long as you feel comfortable, you’ve done something right. Stress-free holidays wouldn’t be stress-free if you chose to wear uncomfortable clothing during the entire trip.

5. Sleep In

Sleeping in is one of the most straightforward stress-free travel tips—and yet, most of us are guilty of setting an alarm at 6 a.m. That dawn jog, early-morning coffee, and warm shower can wait an hour or two.

6. Arrive Early, Leave Early

Get a headstart on your well-deserved romantic getaway by leaving as early as possible. Take a hike, go “leaf-peeping,” and hop aboard a canoe before checking into one of our West Hawk Lake cabin rentals. And while we’d love it if you stayed until check out, heading home early will ensure that you’re entirely settled (and in the right state of mind) before work the next day.

7. Prepare for Inclement Weather

Uh oh. Rain wasn’t in the forecast yesterday! Don’t let yourself be surprised by temperature dips, incoming showers, or a surprise thunderstorm this autumn. If you’re planning to “play” outside in the rain, remember to bring boots and a raincoat. If not, remember to pack a game, book, or an indoor picnic (and a bottle of wine).

8. Choose a Quiet, Secluded Locale

Tallpine Lodges remains one of the most sought after romantic fall getaways near Winnipeg, thanks in large part to our serene, secluded location. You’ll rarely stumble upon another couple in these woods.

9. Leave Your Computer at Home

stress-free travel

Work can wait. Focus on yourself (and your sweetheart) for a change.

10. Enjoy an Adult Beverage (or Two)

Perhaps the easiest way to take the edge off during an overdue romantic escape is by popping open a bottle of champagne or wine.

For even more stress-free travel tips, read through these first-hand customer experiences. As one of the best-reviewed stress-free vacation spots in Manitoba, we’re expecting a full house this fall. So, book now before we’re out of vacancies!