Rejuvenating Solo Adventures at Tallpine Lodges

solo adventures

Tallpine Lodges, located in serene Whiteshell, Manitoba, is widely considered one of the premier year-round romantic getaways near Winnipeg. But what you might not know about our adult-only resort is that we gladly accommodate singles. “Solo adventures” are one of the fastest-growing tourism groups, whether you’re single or not. Many husbands and wives are also looking for a relaxing albeit brief escape from their hectic daily schedules. We’re on the cusp of yet another refreshing spring here on West Hawk Lake, which means it’s nearly time to store away your snowmobile for hiking boots, kayak paddles, and a trusty camera. Keep reading to learn more about a potential solo adventure to Tallpine Lodges!

solo adventuresA Convenient, Quiet Getaway

First and foremost, Tallpine Lodges provides all guests with a convenient, quiet, and scenic getaway. Despite being only 144 kilometres from Winnipeg, you’ll feel a million miles from your busy city life. Each of our rustic Manitoba cabins is fully equipped with a large Jacuzzi tub, private sauna, electric fireplace, satellite TV, king size bed, and full kitchen – what more could you ask for in a solo adventure? While you certainly don’t have to leave your warm, cozy cabin, we recommend branching out to a nearby restaurant, most notably Hi-Point Restaurant and Lounge and Nite Hawk Cafe.

Re-Group and Rejuvenate

Start each morning with a steaming cup of fresh-brewed coffee and a hand-crafted breakfast around dusk before exploring West Hawk Lake and the tranquil forestry that surrounds our wilderness resort. Most solo adventures here in Whiteshell include a calming (or perhaps adventurous) daytime activity or two. Vast, lush Whiteshell Provincial Park spans over 2,700 square kilometres. Depending on the season, you’ll enjoy easy access to complimentary canoes, 14 kilometres of bicycle trails, pristine Falcon Lake Golf Course, well-marked hiking trails, snowmobile rentals, and so much more! The serene, calming wilderness that encompasses our adult-only West Hawk Lake resort is the perfect place for reflection, rejuvenation, and wonderment.

solo adventuresReturn Anew

There are several scientifically-proven reasons why vacations are important. Not only will you return home happier, more productive, and utterly refreshed, but frequent vacations improve physical and mental health. Solo adventures, in particular, offer new perspectives, immensely decrease stress, and provide the unique opportunity to catch up on much-needed sleep. Solo adventures at Tallpine Lodges are also good for the soul as you’ll get to meet friendly deer, foxes, rabbits, and colorful birds. Your worries and stresses will melt away with a glass of wine at dusk on your private deck and an hour-long soothing Jacuzzi tub soak. To book a solo adventure to Tallpine Lodges in Whiteshell, MB, please give us a call today at 1-866-349-2209, or visit us online at!