An Amazing Wintertime Adventure

By Curtis Moore, Moore Photography

This was such an amazing adventure with Julie…Tallpine Lodges, thank you! I know what you may be thinking…where are Bethany, Bella, Lucas, Alex, Riley, Scout? Well, Tallpine Lodges is a kick-ass, adult- only, no-pet escape into the Manitoba wilderness. We did miss them, but made it through together just fine! From Winnipeg, you drive approx 1.5 hours to West Hawk Lake where TJ and Sacha have made a perfect cozy little thing next to the lake. Thank you again. I will always spread the good word of your awesomeness! Enjoy this peek into my adventures with the lovely and talented Julie.

Experience Tallpine Lodges

Our winters are tough, yes, but they are still beautiful and fun if you take the time. The second we arrived at the cabins, before we even got to ours, the gang of wild deer came to greet and check us out. So freaking amazing! We couldn’t get enough of them. The cabin was super cozy and warm. Also, I introduced Game of Thrones to Julie, so our evenings were filled with exciting binge watching with yummy snacks and a warm fire. The scenery, cabin, comfort, hiking, and snowmobile adventures were some perfect highlights of our winter. Get out and experience Tallpine Lodges, my friends. Thanks!

Uncharted Forestry

Oh yes, the “almost dying” thing! Well…as we were both hiking through some seriously deep snow, I chose the wrong turn, so we ended up in the middle of an uncharted forest and had to do some serious work with our legs to get out…alive, LOL! You can see more photos on this¬†SLIDESHOW¬†HERE.