10 Fall Photography Ideas at Tallpine Lodges

Photo of a Man Snapping a Photo. Fall Photography at Tallpine is a Must!

When summer subtly transforms into autumn, everyone naturally converts into self-proclaimed photographers. Autumn’s vibrant meld of marigold, amber, and emerald has the ability to instantly enhance a photograph. Thus, fall photography is one of the most common mid-day activities here at Tallpine Lodges, a quintessential, adult-only weekend getaway in Manitoba’s backcountry. As one of the only adult-only resorts near Winnipeg, couples flock to our tranquil, undeniably beautiful slice of Whiteshell Provincial Park. Tallpine is known for its tantalizing cabins, friendly deer, and interconnected relationship with nature.

10 Fun Fall Photography Ideas: The Whiteshell Park Edition

While it’s important not to get lost behind a lens, photography provides a passageway into the past. Without photographs, memories tend to shapeshift or wane. Call it nostalgia; call it idealistic. But photography is an integral aspect of many couple’s lives. Reminiscing about prior adventures has a way of re-sparking interests and stirring up strong, passionate emotions. Fall photography, in particular, with all of its hues and shades, allows a shutterbug to capture life in its finest hour. The earth has many faces, and, at the end of the day, it is prettiest during autumn’s peak. Without further ado, here are 10 fun fall photography ideas. Don’t forget to share your photographic adventures with us on Instagram!

  1. Photo of a Deer Standing Next to a Tallpine Cabin. It's Fall Photography at Its Finest.An Eskimo Kiss from a Fawn
  2. Dusk on West Hawk Lake
  3. A Window into the Wild
  4. Look up and See Trees
  5. Bonfire of Desire
  6. Cabins Are Pretty Too
  7. Fine Wine and Bubble Baths
  8. The Canoe Trip—Steady Now!
  9. A Pathway to the Unknown
  10. Standing Tall

Romantic Cabin Rentals in Manitoba

The perfect place to start and finish each day of exploration, adventure, and long-overdue romance is inside one of our fully-equipped Whiteshell cabin rentals. Fall is often regarded as “cabin season” because the afternoon temperatures are idyllic, and the mornings and evenings are meant for fireside drinks, Jacuzzi soaks, and snuggles.

Hopefully, these 10 fall photography ideas provide a window into our little slice of Manitoban heaven. To check online availability, please visit us online at TallpineLodges.com. From our family to yours—we cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces this autumn!